Tighter Rules on Arsenic in Water Saved Lives, Dr. Philip Landrigan Weighs In

On Oct. 23rd, 2017, Dr. Philip Landrigan was interviewed by U.S News to talk about the U.S. government limits on arsenic in drinking water that have likely averted hundreds of cases of lung and bladder cancer annually. A government study published this October estimated that 2 million private well users may be exposed to high levels of arsenic in their drinking water. High levels of arsenic have been linked to an increased risk for a broad range of cancers, including skin, lung, bladder, kidney and liver cancers, the researchers noted. It can also threaten the nervous system, respiratory function, heart health and the immune system. “The findings are consistent with data from previous studies of the health benefits of reducing arsenic concentrations in drinking water,” Dr. Philip Landrigan wrote in an editorial that accompanied the latest study. To read the full article click here