November 2017: Mount Sinai CEC Awarded NIEHS P30 Supplement

The Mount Sinai P30 Community Engagement Core (CEC) along with the Region 2 PEHSU has partnered with the University of Cincinnati P30 CEC and Region 5 PEHSU at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital on a recently funded NIEHS P30 Supplement to more effectively integrate environmental health (EH) into clinical practice. We propose to incorporate EH education into electronic health records and web platforms which will allow clinicians to: (1) educate, counsel and refer families using evidence-based outreach and education from local, state and federal agencies including NIEHS CECs as well as the PEHSU national network, and (2) connect families to needed environmental health services to prevent and reduce common environmental exposures in the home. With input and meaningful involvement of our diverse expert panel spanning 4 CECs and 4 PEHSUs across federal Regions 1,2,3 and 5 (Harvard/Boston Children’s, University of Rochester, WEACT, University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown School of Nursing), a major aim of this proposal is to bring CEC and PEHSU together to work collaboratively on communication tools that connect CEC resources to health care professionals.