November 2019: Gunma Exposome Symposium

Drs Robert Wright (P30 Director)  and Douglas Walker (P30 Center Scientist) participated in the 2nd  International ExposomeSymposium and Retreat of the Gunma University Initiative for Advanced Research in Japan on November 13, 2019. Dr Wright spoke on integrating exposomics into precision medicine initiatives and differences between these types of research questions and epidemiologic approaches. Dr Walker spoke on High Resolution metabolomics: Advanced blood chemistry for measuring the human exposome and recent advances his lab has made in measuring exogenous chemicals with gas chromatography coupled with high resolution mass spectrometry. Other speakers form Stockholm University, the Karolinska Institute, University of Eastern Finland, University of British Columbia, Harvard and UCSF among other participated as well. A wide range of topics ranging from methodological approaches to chemical analysis and identification to clinical applications of exposomics were covered.  The symposium was followed by a day long retreat in the mountains of central Japan with discussion on the future of exposomics including how (or if) to incorporate and integrate measures of the external exposome with untargeted chemical assays. A white paper of these discussions is now planned.