February 2018: Dr. Allie Sanders and Dr. Maria Rosa Awarded K99/R00 Grants

Dr. Rosa (Left) and Dr. Sanders (Right)

Congratulations to Dr. Allie Sanders and Dr. Maria Rosa on receiving K99/R00 Awards! Dr. Sanders research study “Children’s Exposure to Metals, MicroRNAs and Biomarkers of Renal Health” aims to determine whether exposure to heavy metals early in life contributes to renal toxicity in children and whether miRNAs mediate metal nephrotoxicity. 

This work will inform early life origins of adverse renal outcomes, and potentially lead to future interventions designed to prevent or treat renal toxic metal exposure. Dr. Rosa’s research “Ambient Air Pollution, Stress, Oxidative Markers and Respiratory Health in Mexican Children” will focus on linking ambient air pollution and stress to lung development and to identify biomarkers of early biological effects of these exposures. The proposed research has the potential to help identify those at risk of asthma and impaired lung development so that more efficacious prevention strategies can be implemented going forward. To learn more about their work click on these links: Dr. Sanders and Dr. Rosa.