April 2019: Corina Lesseur Awarded K99 Award

We would like to congratulate Corina Lesseur, MD, PhD on being awarded a K99 award! Dr. Lesseur’s research study “Integrative Analysis of Human Placental Epi/Genome Relation to Fetal Growth” will develop an integrative placental tissue and cell sub-populations epi/genomic catalogue. This research has the potential to advance our understanding of the placental contribution to fetal growth and lay the groundwork to develop placental biomarkers to inform individual disease risk. This proposed research and training will address the following knowledge gaps: 1) the proposal represents the first comprehensive and integrated genome-wide study of placental DNA methylation, transcriptome and their interplay with fetal genotypes and 2) plan to construct a placental cell-subpopulation epi/genomic reference that can be leveraged in future studies. The knowledge gained through this research study has the potential to inform more broadly on the influence of the intrauterine environment on health throughout the lifespan. To read more click here.