Environmental Health Videos

Please visit our Youtube Channel for a larger selection of videos from our P30 Center. We have highlighted a few recent video projects below.

Mayah’s Lot 

Our Community Engagement Core (CEC) partnered with stakeholder advisory board member Rebecca Bratspies of CUNY Law School’s Center for Urban Environmental Reform (CUER) to produce a short animated film based on Mayah’s Lot, an environmental justice themed graphic novel. The story follows a young hero, Mayah, who takes action to prevent  the dumping of toxic waste in her neighborhood.

Tooth-matrix Biomarkers to Reconstruct Critical Periods of Brain Plasticity 

Manish Arora, BDS, MPH, PhD, Director of Exposure Biology at the Lautenberg Lab and Hirofumi Morishita, MD, PhD, from the Department of Psychiatry propose that teeth are windows into the human brain and can uncover aspects of brain development previously hidden from researchers.

Environmental Defense Fund Study Finds Lead in Baby Food–Dr. Maida Galvez Weighs In

Dr. Maida Galvez, MD, MPH and Tom Neltner, JD, Chemicals Policy Director for the Environmental Defense Fund discuss a study which discovered that roughly 20 percent of baby food samples were found to contain lead. The study also found that more than 1 million children consume more lead than FDA’s limit. Eliminating lead in food would save society more than $27 billion annually in total lifetime earnings from saved IQ points.

AllieSpotlight on Emerging Science: Dr. Alison Sanders

We are excited to launch our first Emerging Science video, highlighting Dr. Alison Sanders’ recent work on epigenetics, prenatal exposures, and preterm birth. A press release describing this research is available here, and you can find two publications on PubMed here and here.

ABC’s The Chew Interviews Dr. Galvez on School Lunches

Dr. Maida Galvez was interviewed by Mario Batali of ABC’s The Chew at PS 206 in East Harlem. Dr. Galvez discussed the significance of food insecurity, childhood nutrition, and the role school meals can play in helping children form healthy eating habits from an early age. The interview was filmed in the cafeteria while students ate lunch, and members of the Department of Education were present as well. The episode aired in October 2016.

rsz_img_6206Food for Thought Symposium

Did you miss our February, 2016 Winter Symposium? A highlights video is now available, and full footage from the event is on Youtube as well! Watch to learn about fish consumption during pregnancy, peanut allergy, organic and GMO foods, and more.

Regional Asthma Summit

On November 20, 2015, public health advocates, medical professionals, government representatives, and community members came together for the Region 2 Asthma Summit, hosted at Mount Sinai. In addition to our highlights video, full footage of each speaker is available on our Youtube channel. For additional information, photos, conference materials, and more, please visit our event page.

Environmental Champions

Peggy Shepard, Executive Director of WE ACT and COEC Stakeholder Advisory Board Member, was interviewed by activist/journalist Stacy Parker LeMelle and medical students about the environmental justice movement, current successes and challenges, and her personal journey.

cover photoP30 Center Welcome Video

Our NIEHS P30 Core Center was launched in 2014. We invite you to learn about our environmental health research and community-based work by watching this short video.