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Dr. Rosalind Wright Featured in U.S News Article “Teens Acting Badly? Smog Could Be to Blame”

On Dec. 13th,¬† Dr. Rosalind Wright was featured in the HealthDay News article “Teens Acting Badly? Smog Could Be to Blame.” A study from Los Angeles found that younger kids exposed to increased levels of air pollution tended to have delinquency scores similar to teens three or four years older, the study authors said, though the study did not prove that pollution actually caused delinquent behavior. Dr. Rosalind Wright, P30 PSCAF Director, weighed in on the study and said the researchers¬†“did a reasonable job of substantiating the potential plausibility of this effect, and it rings true for me.” Air pollution might have a direct toxic effect on the brain. Or bad air might promote inflammation and immune response in other parts of the body that indirectly affect brain function. To read the full article click here.