Monthly Archives: September 2017

Allan Just named one of the “20 Pioneers Under 40 in Environmental Public Health”

Allan Just, PhD was named one of the “20 Pioneers Under 40 in Environmental Public Health” by the Collaborative on Health and the Environment. These 20 pioneering researchers and advocates were nominated by a committee of senior leaders and luminaries in environmental public health. The Collborative on Health and the Environmentl will be launching a series of 10 webinars that will feature the work of the next generation of environmental health scientists and advocates in a new series beginning on October 4. Chosen for exceptional levels of accomplishment in work that is rigorous, dynamic, and builds critical knowledge, the 20 speakers’ work promises to drive environmental health science and advocacy in new directions that will demonstrate the many links between the environment and public health and catalyze policies and actions that will protect the health of children, families, and communities. Our center congratulates Allan Just on this recognition! To learn more click here

Dr. Stingone’s Research Featured in the American Journal of Epidemiology

Dr. Stingone’s research “Maternal Exposure to Nitrogen Dioxide, Intake of Methyl Nutrients, and Congenital Heart Defects in Offspring” was featured in the American Journal of Epidmiology. The study looks at how nutrients that regulate methylation processes may modify susceptibility to the effects of air pollutants. To learn more click here.