Prescriptions for Prevention

We would like to thank our partners from the NIEHS funded “P30 Supplement: Environmental Health E-Screener” project that came together to develop the Prescriptions for Prevention. With input and meaningful involvement of our diverse expert panel spanning 5 CECs and 5 PEHSUs across federal Regions 1,2,3, 5, and 9 we were able to bring CEC and PEHSU together to work collaboratively on communication tools that connect CEC resources to health care professionals.

Ann Backus-Harvard University

Marissa Hauptman- Region 1 PEHSU

Katrina Korfmacher- University of Rochester

Mount Sinai P30/Region 2 PEHSU/NYSCEHC Partners (Maida Galvez, Luz Guel, Lauren Zajac, Deb Nagin, Sophie Balk)

Marilyn Howarth-University of Pennsylvania

Laura Anderko-Region 3 PEHSU

Erin Haynes- University of Kentucky

Nicholas Newman- Region 5 PEHSU

Mark Miller: Region 9 PEHSU

Annemarie Charlesworth: UCSF

Technology:  Jason Rogers Sinai App Lab & Chethan Sarabu Stanford HIS Fellow

Prescriptions for Prevention

Our environmental pediatricians, together with partners, created Prescriptions for Prevention that provide information on how New York families can address common environmental health concerns such as lead, secondhand smoke, mold, and radon.


The front of each prescription explains simple steps for reducing the exposure. The back of each prescription lists key resources that families can use to help address the concern.  For additional information on the concern, we have posted links to key informational websites below the link to each prescription.


Please download, print, and share the prescriptions found below!  If you would like to download the entire prescription series, click here. Descargue las versiones en español aquí.


Smoking and Tobacco Use:


Secondhand Smoke:



Lead-Based Paint:




Pests and Pesticides:




Eat Fish, Choose Wisely!

Well Water:

Sun Safety:

Teen Tanning:





Reducing exposures to environmental hazards: 

Teen workers:


  • Descargue las versiones en español aquí
  • To learn about the labor laws and safety regulations that protect young people in the workforce visit YouthRules!

Nature and Play: