Honest Company Pilot Grant for Postdoctoral Fellows

The Institute for Exposomics Research (IER) at Mount Sinai, in collaboration with the Honest Company, is pleased to announce a new funding opportunity for Postdoctoral Fellows conducting research in Children’s Environmental Health. Mount Sinai is proud to continue its partnership with the Honest Company to innovate and advance our understanding of how environment influences health throughout the life course, impacting mothers, babies, children, and young adults. The Honest Company Children’s Environmental Health Innovation Grant will fund up to $50,000 per project for 1 year of support. A total of 2 projects will be funded.


Eligibility requirements: Any full-time Postdoctoral fellow at Mount Sinai is eligible. The project must be related to the field of Environmental Health. Proposals may include animal models and population based studies. However, non-human projects must clearly be relevant to Children’s Environmental Health. Projects that are highly basic (in vitro) are not eligible. Faculty and students are not eligible.


Funding and years of support: Investigators may request up to $50,000 in available funding for 1 year of support. Projects that will likely lead to a larger proposal (e.g. R01 or equivalent) will be given preference. Awards are not renewable or transferable. Projects similar to previously funded NIEHS P30 pilot grants will not be accepted, please see here for a list of P30 projects.


For administrative questions please contact Rozalyn Paupaw Rozalyn.paupaw@mssm.edu

For scientific questions please contact Dr. Robert Wright Robert.wright@mssm.edu

Review Process and Criteria:

  • Pilot project impacting mothers, babies children, adolescents or young adults.
  • Significance of the work in terms of potential health impact.
  • Scientific rigor and novelty of the proposed approach.
  • High potential for impact in the prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of human health conditions in broad terms.
  • Likelihood that the project will lead to subsequent external funding and/or commercial development.
  • Although it is not required, the review process will take career development into consideration.
  • Likelihood that the project can be completed within the proposed budget period.

 Application Instructions:

  • Cover Page: (Please use this form)
    • List Title, PI and all co-investigators and affiliations.
  • Proposal: (Please use this form) Single-spacing, three pages maximum. The Abstract Page (300 word max), budget page, biosketches, and references are NOT included in the 3 page limit. Headings include:
    • Specific Aims and Hypothesis/Aim
    • Significance/Background
    • Innovation
    • Approach
    • How this grant will be leveraged into future funding
  • Budget Form: (Please use the NIH PHS Form 398)
    • No Faculty salary support is allowed. Salary for post doc, research assistant, students is allowed.
  • Biographical Sketch: (Please use this form). Include one for each PI and co-Investigator. Following NIH format, include past training and academic appointments followed by a short paragraph on research expertise and role in the project. List up to 15 relevant publications. Biosketches may not exceed 5 pages for any investigator. Click here to view an example.
  • References: Literature cited, no limit

Application Process & Deadlines:

  • Funding Announcement- September 22nd 2017
  • Application Submission Deadline – November 1st 2017
  • Please send application to rozalyn.paupaw@mssm.edu with the subject line:                                            “The Honest Company Children’s Environmental Health Innovation Grant”
  • Review Process – November 2nd 2017- November 30th 2017
  • Formal Announcement– December 1st 2017
  • Project Period- December 1st 2017- November 30th 2018
  • PI to visit Honest Company – Dec 2018 (TBA)
  • 6 Month Project Progress Report Due – May 4th 2018
  • Final report – 1 year from project start – January 15th 2019


Disclosures: If funded, applicants agree to acknowledge The Honest Company Children’s Environmental Health Innovation Grant in all research related journal publications, and other appropriate institutional publications. Send a brief mid-year 6 month progress report and a more detailed 1 year final report that will be shared with The Honest Company.