Dr. Lauren Petrick Presents at NIEHS EHSRC Annual Meeting

Left: Lauren Petrick, PhD; Right: Linda Birnbaum, PhD, Director, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Lauren Petrick, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Medicine at Public Health and member of the TCEEE was one of 11 investigators who presented their research during the “Early Stage Investigator Poster Presentations” session at the 30th annual meeting of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Environmental Health Science Research Centers (EHSRC). The meeting was held at the University of Iowa from June 19-21st, 2019.  Dr. Petrick’s presentation “Prospective exposomic analysis of archived newborn blood spots in childhood leukemia” highlighted her study examining approximately 300 childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia cases and controls that used remainder blood spots from neonatal screening tests. They had been archived for up to 35 years to look for biomarkers of later development of leukemia. Dr. Petrick found metabolites at birth that were predictive of developing childhood leukemia years later and that point to maternal and neonatal nutrition as potential risk factors.