Dr. Landrigan Comments on Lead and Public Housing in NYT Article

On July 01, 2018, Dr. Landrigan commented on the health risks of lead in NYT Article “820 Children Under 6 in Public Housing Tested High for Lead”. The New York City Housing Authority didn’t disclose the exact number of children residing in public housing poisoned by lead and over the weekend, the city department of health offered a number. The city department of health said that 820 children younger than 6 were found to have elevated levels of lead in their blood between 2012 and 2016. The children tested positive for lead levels of 5 to 9 micrograms per deciliter, the minimum amount for which the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that localities intervene. Dr. Philip Landrigan, said new research has shown that lead is toxic even at low levels. “The city is responding to new information,” Dr. Landrigan said. “I think the city is trying to do the right thing here.” To read the full article click here.