Dr. Galvez featured in Metropolis Article on How Architects Can Help Make the Built Environment Healthier

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On March 1, Metropolis’s director of design innovation, Susan S. Szenasy, led a talk at CookFox’s New York office that gathered experts in the seemingly disparate fields of public health, commercial real estate, and sustainable architecture to discuss how architects can help make the built environment healthier. Dr. Maida Galvez, CEC Co-Director, was part of the panel and she emphasized that “chronic health conditions are rooted in built spaces.” Dr. Galvez suggested that practical design solutions can be found to address problems such as low-level lead exposure and toxic stress. These health hazards are often detected only when it’s too late, and for that reason, preventive strategies should be the shared aim of architects and their collaborators in health-related fields. To read the full Metropolis article click here