Dr. Arora Interviewed by NY1 to Discuss How Teeth Can Help Diagnose Autism in Kids

On July 25, 2018, Dr. Manish Arora was interviewed by NY1 to discuss how teeth may be key in diagnosing autism earlier. Dr. Arora and researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital collected the baby teeth of sibling pairs and analyzed layers in teeth like growth rings in trees. “Just like you can count back the rings and make assumptions about past weather, we can count rings in baby teeth and we can make very precise measurements of all the exposures we experienced even before we were born,” explained Dr. Arora.  “These early life signatures, even present at birth, can predict the emergence of autism later in childhood, with about 90 percent accuracy. So we are very excited about this but this is just a first step,” Dr. Arora noted. The hope is the findings will lead to a diagnostic test for autism and potential new therapies. To read the full article and watch the interview, click here.