Career Development

The Center’s Career Development Program is a unique cross-departmental initiative, led by two department chairs: Lisa Satlin, MD, PhD, Professor, Chair of the Department of Pediatrics; Associate Director of the MD/PhD Training Program; and Director of the CTSA’s Center for Patient Oriented Research, Training, Education and Development (CePORTED); and Dr. Robert Wright, MD, MPH, Chair of the Department of Preventive Medicine; TCEEE Director.

This Program facilitates both further recruitments and the development of current faculty. It provides financial support, mentoring, and training to a carefully selected junior faculty Center Scientist whose research interests coincide with the Center’s focus on transdisciplinary environmental health and provides support for mentoring and access to mentees to a small number of mid-level faculty (Associate Professors) who have demonstrated exceptional promise.


  • Facilitate the transition to independence of junior faculty (Assistant Professors) designated who are committed to careers in transdisciplinary research focused on children’s environmental health by supporting an intensive research training and career building experience
  • Promote the Careers of mid-level faculty (Associate Professors) by providing each selected Associate Professor with appropriate mentees (post-doctoral fellows and assistant professors) who can work in their labs under their guidance, by providing senior level interpersonal guidance on the art and science of mentoring, and by providing career development workshops.

Mount Sinai’s CEHC has developed several initiatives in EHS to promote career development, most notably:

    • Pilot Projects Program
      • A Seminar series offered through the Environmental Epidemiology
      • Connections with the Biostatistics and Informatics Core
      • Grant writing seminars led by Dr. Robert Wright, who led such a seminar for post-doctoral fellows at NIEHS
      • Mini-sabbatical program for Associate Professors in their second term of appointment and a mentoring program geared toward their need to learn the art of mentorship


Junior Faculty Mentoring

Our Junior Faculty mentoring program fosters a rich transdisciplinary intellectual culture with opportunities and resources to learn about, and conduct research pertinent to our Center’s theme.

Our program also promotes the development of Junior Faculty’s skills in translating and communicating science to lay audiences and the ability to anticipate challenges and opportunities in the relationship between scientists and stakeholder communities


Pilot Projects Program

The Pilot Projects Program comes in cycles, with the latest projects funded in January 2015. Check back for updates and RFPs

Pilot Project resources are available to all Center Members with the goal of attracting applications from:

  • New investigators wishing to establish new lines of research in children’s EHS
  • Established EHS investigators who wish to explore new transdisciplinary directions in research that represent a departure from their current, ongoing funded research
  • Investigators from diverse areas of science across Mount Sinai who apply their expertise to transdisciplinary EHS research after joining the Center.