Mount Sinai Transdisciplinary Center on Early Environmental Exposures

“We aim to understand how environmental exposures in early life influence health, development, and risk of disease and dysfunction across the life span – in infancy, childhood, adolescence and beyond”

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Feature of the Month

Feature of the Month: September 2019:

The Mount Sinai NIEHS Core Center has announced the awardees for its seventh call for Pilot Grant proposals. The Center’s mission is to increase the Environmental Health (EH) research portfolio at Mount Sinai and to bring non-EH researchers into the field through new transdisciplinary collaborations. To learn more about the funded the research projects for this year.

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Featured Video: Mayah’s Lot

Mayah’s Lot follows the story of the young hero/protagonist, Mayah, who takes action to mobilize community members and prevent the dumping of toxic waste in their neighborhood.